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Accounting Career Education (ACE)
Plans are underway for another successful year of accounting career education. Individual members are encouraged to speak to classes or participate in career fairs. TSCPA offers free classroom materials, talking points, and giveaways for students.

Please be sure to let your chapter know about your activities so that efforts are coordinated for maximum effectiveness.

For information about TSCPA’s Accounting Career Education program, contact Kari Owen. (Email kowen@tscpa.net; phone 800-428-0272 x 688or 972-687-8688.)

Ask Bill
TSCPA member Bill Schneider, CPA-Dallas, blogs regularly about issues that affect CPAs in business and industry. You can read and subscribe to the blog at www.industry-issues.com. Questions and requests for discussion topics can be sent to Rori Shaw.

Talk with Someone Who Understands
Mary came home to find her teenager had raided the liquor cabinet. She discovered that it was not the first time and the teenager’s addiction wasn’t limited to alcohol. Without a network of friends or acquaintances familiar with this problem, where can she turn?

The Accountants Confidential Assistance Network offers assistance. Call us at 866-766-ACAN (2226). We’re here to help.

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